On thursday, 12th  November 2015, the 2nd GLAMURS workshop “Lifestyle and Time Use for a Forward-Looking Europe” will take place in the Centre for Scientific Research (CSIC) in Brussels.

Knowledge co-production and scientific integration are two of the main aims of GLAMURS as a means of opening academic work to the general public and becoming a meeting point for all the agents involved in the topics addressed in the project. For these purposes, GLAMURS will hold the second workshop with European stakeholders and policymakers in Brussels on November 12th, with the aim of encouraging engagement at the EU level. We aim to ensure that the discussions result in a thorough integration of both scientific domains and the case study regions covered by them within the GLAMURS project. It is expected that the present invitation will help to set up a dynamic interaction between experts, allowing an efficient dissemination of the information about the research as well as gathering comparative information from other agents working in the field and ensuring implementation into policy practice at the European level. The workshop will provide an opportunity to discuss the latest developments, as well as enabling researchers to focus attention on future activities of GLAMURS and establishing the context for knowledge co-production with stakeholders, policy makers and researchers.

The workshop will demonstrate the latest findings from GLAMURS, and seek feedback on policy recommendations for the last phase of the project. The workshop is organised in three sessions:
1. What makes people choose and change their lifestyles?
2. Making time for sustainability
3. Simulating future human scenarios

More information about the workshop is included in the agenda.

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